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Precious Life Animal Sanctuary

A safe home for animals who have suffered from cruelty and neglect

Record Snowfall at Precious Life Animal Sanctuary

On Thursday afternoon, February 7, snow began to fall and continued for days until it piled up close to 3 feet with 4-foot drifts everywhere. Every door opening to the house and barn had 5-foot drifts which prevented opening any of the doors. This is the worst snowstorm since we acquired the PLAS property 20 years ago. We also had two power outages and a downed phone line.

Until one tries to walk a few feet in snow this deep, it is hard to imagine the difficulty and energy it takes and the hardship on all the animals as well as the two founders. We were fortunate to have one incredible volunteer who agreed to stay in our cabin and helped shovel snow day after day during the storms. Without his assistance, many of our beloved animals would have perished.

Featured Friends

Hand knitted animals

Dairy Calf 532

It was a typical Friday, June 2, 2017, at a large commercial dairy as numbers of calves were born and immediately taken from their devoted, grieving mothers who have carried them for almost a year…


After Life at Precious Life Animal Sanctuary

It is my turn to leave beautiful mother earth and follow the way of our beloved animals that have gone before me and say goodbye to the remaining ones to follow…


The Life of Lucky

To those who read this and understand and those who may not, unbreakable bonds form between species that last a lifetime.

Casper laying in the meadow


We asked about his male dairy calves and he replied they were born every day and picked up three times a week. He didn’t seem to know or care what happened to them as they were an inconvenience and there was little return on investment.

Ken receiving an award from Ralph


Many lives are forever changed since one man set foot on a Sequim animal sanctuary.

To acknowledge the devotion, work ethic, but most importantly the intrinsic compassion of Ken Harada, a volunteer at…



I must confess, I was somewhat taken aback by his presence. He was very skinny with his ribs protruding and uncontrollable with a fierce wolf-like muzzle…

Precious Life Animal Sanctuary

On the outskirts of the City of Sequim, Washington, next to the Olympic National Forest and nearby Olympic National Park lies a hidden valley surrounded by forest, wildlife and views of the Straits of Juan de Fuca. This special place is Precious Life Animal Sanctuary established in 1999 to provide a safe home for animals who have suffered from cruelty and neglect. Learn more >