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Precious Life Animal Sanctuary

A safe home for animals who have suffered from cruelty and neglect


Seasons Greetings

At long last, a New Year is soon to arrive with the demise of Covid 19 which will not survive the new effective vaccines.

Presently, the pandemic continues to affect all our lives and has had a major impact on the sanctuary: no visitors, few volunteers, increased repairs, additional winter feed costs, no fund raisers. So far, in spite of these setbacks, we have managed not to let it affect the lives of all our rescued animals thanks to the generosity of donors who continue to support us which ensures new rescues can start life anew free from misery and neglect.

Featured Friends

Amber sharing an apple

Work Party

Thankfully, a number of our faithful supporters from Seattle showed up and many long overdue tasks were completed…


Floppy & Wilbur

Floppy and Wilbur were rescued from the Oregon State University Swine Center in 2011. Both were three months old. Each one was picked up squealing…


100 Abandoned Rabbits

For years, domestic rabbits, especially "Easter Bunnies" have been discarded at Seattle's Lower Woodland Park…

Hand knitted animals

Dairy Calf 532

It was a typical Friday, June 2, 2017, at a large commercial dairy as numbers of calves were born and immediately taken from their devoted, grieving mothers who have carried them for almost a year…


After Life at Precious Life Animal Sanctuary

It is my turn to leave beautiful mother earth and follow the way of our beloved animals that have gone before me and say goodbye to the remaining ones to follow…


The Life of Lucky

To those who read this and understand and those who may not, unbreakable bonds form between species that last a lifetime.

Casper laying in the meadow


We asked about his male dairy calves and he replied they were born every day and picked up three times a week. He didn’t seem to know or care what happened to them as they were an inconvenience and there was little return on investment.

Ken receiving an award from Ralph


Many lives are forever changed since one man set foot on a Sequim animal sanctuary.

To acknowledge the devotion, work ethic, but most importantly the intrinsic compassion of Ken Harada, a volunteer at…


Northwest Prime Time

On the outskirts of Sequim, next to the Olympic National Forest and near Olympic National Park, lies a hidden valley surrounded by forest, wildlife and views of the Straits of Juan de Fuca…

Precious Life Animal Sanctuary

On the outskirts of the City of Sequim, Washington, next to the Olympic National Forest and nearby Olympic National Park lies a hidden valley surrounded by forest, wildlife and views of the Straits of Juan de Fuca. This special place is Precious Life Animal Sanctuary established in 1999 to provide a safe home for animals who have suffered from cruelty and neglect. Learn more >