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Golden View Rabbits Arrive

Today we received 109 rabbits from Southern California via Rescue Express plus 3 local rabbits for a total of 112, and we released them into the unique and beautiful rabbit enclosure at Precious Life Animal Sanctuary. The first thing they did was kick up their heels and scamper through the grass at top speed, then many stopped to sample the sweet, tasty grass. When I last saw them, they were having an extremely happy time!

There will be more information in the coming days and weeks, but for now, here are a few pictures hot off the presses of the new tenants.

Table Setting

Here are two groups of rabbits from different colonies who are trying to figure things out.


This is the very first batch to feel freedom after a long 24-hour ride.

This is the Rescue Express bus that delivered our special tenants.

Here are the volunteers who worked so hard to make this happen today.
L-R: Ken Harada, Katherine (Kitty) Enright, Cameron O'Steen, Grace Wright, Polly Thurston and her dog, BlueBird, Cyene Okinczyc, Debra Knutson and Ralph Turner.

Stay tuned . . .