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Porky greeting visitors

During August 2021, we received a call from a woman living in Sequim on a farm with her husband who raised cattle and pigs. She explained she was trying to find a home for a young, 300 Ib. male farm pig, she did not want to slaughter. Apparently, they were getting out of the pig business and this particular pig had become somewhat of a pet to members of the family as well as some neighbors. Precious Life Animal Sanctuary understood the difficulty of finding a place to allow the growing pig to live out his natural life and appreciated the empathy the couple showed in wanting to spare his life.

PLAS agreed to take the pig and named him ‘Porky’. Porky was unloaded in the spacious pig enclosure next to a large bathing tub, feed hoppers and stands of fir and cedar trees that provide welcome shade on hot days at the sanctuary.

The farm family related they had kept the well-structured Berkshire pig on a diet not to burden his legs. Porky was surprised to see feed hoppers allowing him to munch on feed whenever he became hungry just like his human caretakers! Porky’s appetite will be closely monitored and supplemented with plenty of fresh fruit from a nearby grocery store.

Porky in the grass with Miss Oinkers
Porky sharing strawberries with Miss Oinkers

After his arrival, Porky began to explore his enormous surroundings and first-class sleeping quarters. Eventually, he caught up with Miss Oinkers, who weighs approximately 700 lbs. After hearing her aggressive snorts and squeals, Porky quickly understood that she is the ‘Queen Bee’ of the pig enclosure.

Miss Oinkers and Porky have distinctly different personalities. Miss Oinkers is fiercely independent and has no interest in interacting with humans while Porky, like most pigs, likes human attention, soothing words of praise and belly rubs.

As Porky continues to grow, he will know that he is loved and valued by his new family at the sanctuary.

Porky with Ralph