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Marley and Mischief

Marley, Mischief and Miranda

On August 4, 2012, we obtained two young male black sheep from a Northwest meat and fiber producer. The owners explained the sheep were expendable and in good health.

After the two were caught and placed in our van, we stopped at our local veterinary clinic on the way home to drop off fecal samples as our van was covered with fresh fecal droppings.

The next day the clinic called with the results and reported it was the worst worm infestation they had ever seen and in addition the two were suffering from coccidiosis. Fortunately, a neighbor assisted in catching and holding each lamb as they had to receive a daily oral injection for 21 days straight. They now appear to be healthy, are voracious eaters and provide companionship for Miranda. However, she seems to be perfectly happy without them and was contented to be the only sheep in town before they arrived.

They will all live out their natural lives in a secure setting and Miranda and Marley especially crave human companionship.