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Dodge laying in the pasture

Dodge is a male calf that was brought to the auction by a dairy farm when he was one day old. He never received any colostrum, which is the first milk from his mother following his birth. This special milk provides protection against many diseases. He didn't want to get up, had diarrhea and was exposed to many diseases at the auction. At the end of the auction, no one wanted him and he was to be shot with two other calves close to him.

We could not take all three calves but picked Dodge, who was lying down by himself. He as carried to our van and brought to the sanctuary to see if we could save him. He is still very sick but is absolutely beautiful. He is chocolate brown with long black eye lashes and a heart on his right front leg. It remains to be seen if he can recover from his serious illness. He as named Dodge because he dodged the bullet.