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Buster with Lucky


A sad story from east of the Cascades

Young girl standing with Buster
Young visitor with Buster

The young Saint Bernard was taken to a shelter in Yakima by his owner who gave him up by simply stating, “we're moving”. To translate this common given reason, a more honest answer would be something on the order of....”He was an adorable puppy, but now he eats a lot, needs veterinary care, has become a nuisance and we don’t want him anymore.”

After being discarded, lonely and depressed. this dog we later named Buster was placed in a cell block with nothing to look forward to as the weeks passed by. Buster was finally picked up by a local rescue organization and was being fostered out when PLAS became aware of him. The rescue group drove him to the Bellevue Humane Society in an unrelated dog exchange where we agreed to take ownership of him. He required veterinary care and was treated for a serious ear infection that has caused a partial hearing loss.

It was apparent that Buster had never received much attention and is terribly insecure. He craves constant attention, displays compulsive licking and has extreme separation anxiety. If we leave to work outside the dog enclosure, he will watch us all day, rain or shine, constantly whining until we return. He is easily intimidated by the other dogs even though he is much bigger and stronger than most of them. One of us has to be present with him while he is fed or he won’t eat and it has taken a year and one month until he finally had the courage to bark and make eye contact. Every night he waits by our bedside to be petted and, once he’s satisfied, he falls asleep.

Buster is making slow progress to becoming more independent and sure of himself. He looks forward to being let in with the calves and Lucky, the pig, and wants to be everyone’s friend. Even now, Buster does not realize he never will be given up and he can enjoy his life to the fullest as part of a family that loves him dearly.

Buster with a young visitor and Harley