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Work party volunteer greeting Tiny

Work Party
September 28, 2019

On Saturday morning, September 28, the day of our scheduled work party, we wondered if anyone would show up due to the abnormal fall weather conditions. It was extremely cold, with new fallen snow in the nearby Olympics and chilling strong winds.

We congratulate the excellent volunteers who did show up and braved the weather.

Thank you, Gabriel Kluepfel from north Seattle, Deborah Blair from Burien, Fernando Cuenca and son Luciano (Lu) from Bothell, Kelli Hobi from Montana, and Ken Harada, Sequim. These volunteers undertook and completed two very important tasks as winter approaches for the cows, burros and turkeys.

Large amounts of soiled shavings from spring, summer and fall in the lower barn were completely removed with shovels, swept out and put into wheel barrows and new shavings were laid down.

The turkey enclosure was a real challenge since most of the shavings from spring, summer and fall were out in the open and laden with rain and mud from the constant rain during the month of September. Each garbage can could only be filled a third of the way because of the weight, dragged out of the enclosure and placed in the tractor to be hauled away which required an incredible number of trips to complete the task.

A total of 30 bales of fresh new shavings were laid down for the rescued burros, cows and turkeys.

Later in the day a number of cows eagerly laid down in their new carpet of shavings as well as the turkeys who were excited to dry their feet from the wet mud on a cushion of clean shavings.

At the completion of the tasks in the afternoon, all came to the house to feast on Caryl’s well-known vegan buffet.

The sun finally broke through the clouds with some much needed warmth and the Olympic Mountains laden with new snow came into view. The deer herd including two beautiful antlered bucks showed up as well as a large number of wild ducks in the pond.

It turned out to be a great day for all and much was accomplished. Who knows, we might be able to do the same for the pigs before winter.

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