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What would any of us think of an ancient culture or religion that would slit the throats of 46 million individual animals for a one-day tradition celebration?

In the United States that is exactly what we do to the magnificent colored turkey which is the largest native bird in North America and such a part of our heritage.

We have selectively bred and genetically altered its stature and beauty and replaced it with a fast grown, changed its color to white pinfeathers for a more pleasing dressed roast and disfigured its body with enormous breasts to produce white meat.

To create the popular, cheap super market broad breasted white breast turkey comes with horrific pain and suffering. They experience increased heart problems, lower immunity and suffer from lameness due to the top heavy breasts where they are barely able to walk and forage on their own, are unable to fly, cannot breed naturally and have to be artificially inseminated.

Raised on huge confined industrial farms, their short miserable lives will end at only 4 to 5 months of age.

Today there is a growing number of families and friends that are sickened by this out-moded traditional sacrifice and celebrate the Thanksgiving meal like everyone else without displaying a corpse as a centerpiece on a decorated table. Thankfully more of us are moving toward a more compassionate society where all lives matter.

On Thanksgiving Day, we will call out to our rescued turkeys as we approach their enclosure with extra treats and they will excitedly gobble back in thanks to our giving

Ralph Turner, Founder
Precious Life Animal Sanctuary

Turkey roaming the streets